‘I am pleased to recommend CGD for such work and urge people in a similar dispute to choose to use Neil.’

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The boundary pages in this site are created to provide you with important information about understanding boundary issues in England & Wales. Most of the website is provided as a ‘self-help’ resource. If you are a landowner wanting to understand more about property boundaries you can find information here. Also, you can find out how useful Ordnance Survey maps and Land Registry plans are you will also findhelpin locating your boundary. If you are searching for specific information and you don’t find it, please contact us and we will answer your questions if we can.

CGD Ltd also provides services relating to boundaries. See below.


  • Expert Witness Reports
  • CPR 35 Reports
  • Expert evidence in court
  • Measured Boundary Surveys
  • Laser Scan Surveys. Good for 3D visualisation
  • Boundary Investigation
  • Boundary Determination


The Land Registry pages in this site are created to help you dealing with land issues relating to HM Land Registry. You will be able to find  huge amounts of information on the HM Land Registry website but if you are struggling to understand what you read we may be able to provide clarrification.  

CGD Ltd also provides services relating to Land Registry. See below.


  • Land Registry Plans downloaded from The Land Registry typically £8 each, £15 for plan and register (cheaper if you do it yourself)
  • Applications for land registration
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans for land transfer/sale
  • Detrmined Boundary Plans
  • Accurate topographic surveys. Useful for dividing or selling land.
Boundary Misconception

Boundary Misconception

'My boundary is the boundary to the left of my property' This is a commonly held misconception. which I have heard on many occasions. It is not clear where this theory comes from, but it is a false assumption. Neither is it correct to say 'I own the boundary to the...

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LC Testimonial

LC Testimonial

CGD were engaged to provide me with a survey and report to establish the exact position of a boundary which was in dispute with an adjoining neighbour. Neil carried out the work effectively and efficiently. His report and methodology were concise, and the presentation...

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#CGDLtd looking at another land ownership problem. Looking into differences between #LandRegistry plan, #Conveyance plan and what the client thinks they own.

Thank you to the great children a d staff at #stbarnabascofeschool. Thanks for the card and gift of chocolates.

Talking to school children later at their 'Maths Day'. Explaining why maths is important, useful and necessary for everyday life. Also talking about what I do as a surveyor and why I enjoy it.

What started as a freezing cold day is now becoming very lovely. #CGDLTD #Topographicsurvey

14% of land in England and Wales is unregistered. Read how we can help public sector organisations to register what they own more cheaply and easily than they think https://t.co/WnFkc56U5y

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