Boundaries – Typical Costs

Typical Costs

  • All costs exclude expenses. Expenses may include some of the following; travelling, cost of Ordnance Survey Map data, Historic maps, Historic photographs etc.
  • Cost/hr – £100
  • Preliminary site visit (if required) £150 (excl. travelling costs)
    • I will visit your property and spend upto an hour looking at the evidence, both physical and documentary. I will then offer advise on possible ways forward.
  • Typical cost for measured survey – £900 Including CAD work & processing but excludes travelling costs. (This is a rough guide & varies according to size of site)
    • I will visit your property and undertake an accurate topographical survey. I will review documents and prepare a plan showing my survey and what I believe to be the boundary line.
  • Typical cost for boundary report (not CPR35) – £1600
    • This is not a CPR35 report. It will involve all the elements of the measured survey but I will also write a report.
  • Typical cost for CPR35 compliant report  – £2000 (This is a rough guide based on experience.)
    • This is the report that will be required by the court. It involves a site visit (including accurate topographic survey if required), a review of documents, an invetigation into the history of the boundary including historic maps and photographs (Costs not included), production of plans and report.
  • Acting as an expert witness in court – £100/hr

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