Boundaries – Services & Costs

Our Boundary Dispute services include:

  • Expert Witness Reports
  • CPR 35 Reports
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Laser Scan Surveys. Good for 3D visualisation
  • Boundary Investigation
  • Boundary Determination
  • Supply of your Land Registry Plans from The Land Registry typically £10 each, £18 for plan and register
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans for land transfer/sale. The requirements are quite exacting. Click here to see what Land Registry require.

Typical Costs (excluding VAT):

  • Cost /hr – £75
  • Typical cost for measured survey – £500 Including CAD work & processing (This is a rough guide & varies according to size of site)
  • Typical cost for CPR35 compliant report  – £1500 (This is a rough guide based on experience. Some may cost a lot less)
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans from £90 (Including purchase of digital OS mapping)
  • Provision of OS mapping. Please call us or use our contact page to get a quote.

We would like to help you. Ask us a question, using our Contact us form, and we will try to answer it or you can phone us on 01905 24135 (telephone number is correct) for a chat.

Boundary Information Pages

A Boundaries glossary page may help with some definitions

We will be developing  pages to provide general ‘self help’ information.  These will help you decide whether or not to proceed with a dispute. They will not comment on specific examples but provide general information.

Our CAD services include:

  • Bespoke Land Registry Plans
  • Bespoke maps
  • Rights of Way plans
  • Agreement Plans
  • Lease Plans
  • Planning Notice Plans

Laser Scanning

You may also be interested in our Laser scanning service. CGD Ltd has used Laser scanning techniques to survey a disputed boundary. This method of survey captures a ‘3D model’ of the site enabling us to ‘fly’ around a virtual site as if we were there.

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