Our Land Registry Services

Dealing with Land Registry

HM Land Registry are happy do deal with members of the public and you can access all the information you need from their website. It is always cheaper to do things yourself but can be very time consuming. Dealing with large organisations can be confusing and overwhelming. HM Land Registry are no different.

Simple tasks like getting a copy of your deeds plan and register (The words bit) is straight forward and we would suggest that most people could do this themselves without too much difficulty and save money by doing so.

How we can help you

Some of the information required by Land Registry can only be done by specialists. Plans, for example, need to produced in accordance with strict Land Registry guidelines and Determined boundary plans need to be produced by a Chartered Surveyor which is where we come in.

CGD Ltd are happy to help or advise you with any of your dealings with Land Registry.

Our Services  

  • Supply of your Land Registry Title Plan from The Land Registry typically £10 each.
  • Supply of your Land Registry Title Register (the words) from The Land Registry typically £10 each 
  • Together from £18
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans for land transfer/sale. 
  • Determined Boundary Plans
  • Creation of Land Registry compliant plans from £120 (OS mapping will need to be purchased and charged)
  • Transfer/Conveyance plans

We can help with applications for:

  • registering unregistered land
  • applications for adverse possession
  • making changes the Land Registry plans

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