40 mile walk completed.

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) WE DID IT!! A number of us managed to complete the 40 mile/65km walk. A very tough day but a charity worh suffering for! Please, please please make a donation to this great cause.

Changes to Land Registry plan

Having been asked to review the boundaries of a property near Evesham, Worcestershire, we discovered that the Land Registry plan did not reflect what the client occupied. Was this a boundary problem? Or a Land Registry issue? The client has lived at the property for...

North or West

I have been researching the boundaries of a piece of land in Worcestershire and came upon this map attched to a lease plan. I was very interested and somewhat amused to note that the orientation is wrong. The north point is facing east! I used to think, maybe naively,...

Finally, after 4 years…

I recently received the following email. 'We are in the process of settling the dispute and the second and third defendants have agreed that the boundary is where our client believes it to be i.e. where you plotted the boundary. We have advised our client to have a...

Boundary Misconception

'My boundary is the boundary to the left of my property' This is a commonly held misconception. which I have heard on many occasions. It is not clear where this theory comes from, but it is a false assumption. Neither is it correct to say 'I own the boundary to the...

Roods & Perches!

Dealing with boundary disputes involves reading legal documents, many of which date back to long before the introduction of decimal units. As such, if a reference is made to the length of a boundary, it is more often than not, specified in terms of feet and yards....

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