‘My boundary is the boundary to the left of my property’

This is a commonly held misconception. which I have heard on many occasions. It is not clear where this theory comes from, but it is a false assumption. Neither is it correct to say ‘I own the boundary to the right of my property’.

If you stop and think about it, this theory does not make sense. For example it doesn’t consider front or rear boundaries and it doesn’t allow for those properties at the end of a row of similar houses that are responsible for two boundaries. In the example above, (click on the plan to see it better) it is clear that there are a number of properties that cannot conform to the convention, whether it be for the left or right side of the property.

The only way to ascertain ownership of the boundary, is to look at the title deeds. It is hoped that these documents will provide an answer to the boundary ownership question. Either in the register (the written bit), where the boundaries may be described or, on the plan, where there you may see a ‘T’ mark. If you see the ‘T’ on your side of the boundary line then you are responsible for that boundary feature. Most of the time there is no useful information. We must therefore assume that the boundary is shared.

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