Boundaries – Introduction

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The best piece of advice I can give is to try and sort your boundary issue amicably with your neighbour. Boundary disputes can become very expensive, lengthy and stressful. They are not to be entered into lightly.

Is your dispute worth it? Please, take a step back, if you can, and reassess your position. Are you fighting over a principle? Is the piece of land worth it?

If you are still planning to pursue your case, read on….


If you have found this page you maybe a solicitor looking for help for a client, you are having issues with your neighbour and are looking for advice, or you are in dispute with a neighbour and you are looking for help. I hope you will find these pages both informative and useful.

The boundary pages in this site are created to provide you with important information about understanding boundary issues in England & Wales (Scotland and Northern Ireland have different systems). Most of the website is provided as a ‘self-help’ resource, to help landowners understand more about property boundaries.

You will also find useful information about Ordnance Survey maps and Land Registry plans and how useful they are in helping you locate your boundary.

If you are searching for specific information and you don’t find it, please contact us and we will answer your questions if we can.

Our Boundary Dispute services include:

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Services Explained

CPR 35 Reports

CPR 35 (Civil Procedure Rules) set down the role of the expert witness and the duties they have in helping the court reach a verdict. Essentially, the role of the expert witness is to help the court or tribunal understand complex technical issues in their chosen field, and to act independently when doing so.

The report is only one part of these procedures which has to adopt a certain style and contain certain information, including a declaration that the expert is acting independantly and without prejudice.

Boundary Surveys

At CGD Ltd a boundary survey generally means undertaking an accurate topographic survey using specialist electronic survey equipment (seen here) of the disputed area. We pride ourselves in providing such a service as it sets us apart from many of the so-called ‘boundary experts’. Generally the survey takes longer and costs more than using a measuring tape and paper sketch, but we believe that an accurate topographic survey, recording accurately the positions of relevant features, is invaluable as the basis for resolving boundary issues. This survey is often linked to the Ordnance Survey coordinate system using our GPS equipment.

Electronic Total Station being used to survey a boundary

Drone Surveys

Drone for Boundary investigations.

CGD Ltd has recently purchased a drone to support its boundary investigations work. The drone provides a number of benefits to us.

  • A unique perspective on a boundary
  • We are able to make accurate measurements using specialist software.
  • Photos which contain a huge amount of data
  • The photos provide a unique and permenant record
  • Vertical and oblique photographs

Boundary Investigation

Sometimes we get asked to investigate the position of a person’s boundary to make sure that the neighbour has not breeched the boundary whilst putting up a new fence or boundary structure. This can be particulary useful in rural areas where boundaries can be less defined.

On occasions we are asked to check a person’s Land Registry plan to see whether it is showing the correct boundaries.

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