Land Registry Examples of work

Land Registry. Examles of work

Changing the Land Registry plan 1

Having been asked to review the boundaries of a property to the the East of Evesham, in Worcestershire, we discovered that the Land Registry plan did not reflect what the client occupied. Was this a boundary problem? Or a Land Registry issue?

Conveyance wrongly drawn  

The client has lived at the property for many years, originally renting from Wychavon District Council before purchasing the property in 1993. The property is in a very rural location, and back in 1993 there were no hedges, walls, fences or buildings to help in drawing the correct boundaries of the property. As a result, the conveyance plan was drawn wrongly. The back garden was orientated slightly wrongly. Land Registry correctly registered the land shown on the conveyance but the land registered was not the land occupied by my client for all those years. After corresponding with Land Registry, we were very pleased to persuade them to change the record and show the registered land being what had been occupied rather than what was shown on the conveyance. 

A quick look at the Land Registry plans of neighbouring land made it abundantly clear that this is what had happened and an accurate topographic survey confirmed this as the case.

CGD Ltd were pleased to be able to help in this and, with the help of Land Registry, give our client the surety of knowing that the land occupied is accurately reflected by the Land Registry.   





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